One of the best and most popular emulators for the PlayStation is ePSXe 2.0.5, which allows you to run a huge number of PS games on your computer. This program allows you to plunge into childhood memories and again go through old and familiar games, as well as play something that never went to the PC.

ePSXe 2.0.5, like any emulator, has wide functionality:

  1. Games can be launched both from PlayStation discs and from iso-images.
  2. The maximum possible improvement in graphics, based on the technical parameters of the computer and the desires of the user.
  3. The ability to play together with a friend, using either gamepads or a keyboard for this.
  4. Supports the function of quick saving and loading of the game process.
  5. Extending the functionality with the help of special plugins, for example, adding cheat codes, games on the network and many others.

Just imagine, now access to the most famous games is open, and there will no longer be any problems launching such best-selling books on a PC as:

  • Tekken 3;
  • Gran Turismo 2;
  • Final Fantasy
  • Castlevania: Shadow of the Night;
  • Metal Gear Solid;
  • Residen Evil, etc.

The speed and quality of emulation at a sufficient level in order to enjoy the gameplay and appreciate the graphic effects. The emulator interface is quite convenient to use, DirectX and OpenGL modes are available.

If any disks previously refused to work on a Windows PC and an annoying error occurred, with the emulator all compatibility problems will most likely be resolved thanks to the so-called patches.

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