Microsoft Windows and Office Activation Keys In order to explain KMSAuto Net, it is important to know a bit about how Microsoft distributes its software such as the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office programs.

Most laptops or desktops come with Windows pre-installed on them. All a user has to do is run through a few simple setup questions and their system is set. The new owner of the PC never gets to see or use the Windows activation key that has already been set. This key is what tells Windows that it is a validly licensed copy. Microsoft Office and any of the other Microsoft products such as Visio also require a product key to get activated.

Microsoft has a system that allows organizations to activate a certain amount of Windows and MS Office software within their network system. This system eliminates the need for individually having to license and activate each PC. The system that enables them to do that is called the Key Management Services or KMS.

KMSAuto Net

First, it is important to note that KMSAuto Net is not in any way affiliated nor is it a product of Microsoft. It is a totally independent opensource piece of software that is freely accessible and downloadable from the website.

Sometimes a Windows system needs to be reinstalled or an MS Office license will run out or expire. The system will then start to flag the Microsoft software as illegal and they will start to get messages about illegal software, etc. Getting a new activation key could be costly and it is hard to find for most PCs. KSMAuto Net is a piece of software that is used as a Windows activator by removing the Windows watermark, so the operating system believes it is activated.

It installs a program onto your pc that will run in the background and every 30 to 180 days or so will reset the operating system to keep it activated. This process is invisible to the user of the system and as long as the program is running in the background the system should not have to be activated again.
Things to consider before or when using KMSAuto Net

There are ethics involved with using software such as this and before getting started with it, it is always best to check on the legal implications of doing so.

KMSAuto itself is one of the better Windows activators on the internet in that their software does not come with malicious software attached to it as long as it is downloaded from the original website.

Because of the way the software operates most virus systems and firewalls will flag the software as a virus. The installation and operating instructions for the software will ask that any firewalls and or antivirus software running be turned off.

Even though the KMSAuto Net software may not contain any viruses itself it can still open doors to various malware, adware and other such malicious software. If for any reason this software is used keep a close eye on the processes that are running in the background to ensure that one has not slipped in and started running on the sly.

As far as innovative simple systems go this is quite a clever piece of software that the developers have put some thought into!


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